It's twins!

Welcome to English Infinitive Verbs for French speakers! Jo suggested that I make a post in one of these old forums so we can keep all the congratulations, rejoicing, name suggestions, and everything else all in one place rather than scattered all over the Duosphere. I thought that was a good idea, so here it is! Important facts first:

  1. They're twins.
  2. They're supposed to arrive 3 September.
  3. They'll be our sixth and seventh.
  4. We need name suggestions.
  5. Am I forgetting anything?
  6. I was. We're not finding out what they are, so we need names for all eventualities! :-D

Another thing I was forgetting. :-) You're probably going to have to wait to find out which names we choose until they arrive! :-D

And another thing. I've been forgetting a lot! :-) Their temporary names are Small One and Little One. We were feeling uncreative. :-D

I apologise if I miss one of your comments. There's enough that it's easy to do! :-)

February 9, 2016

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Wait, what?!!! You're old enough to have children (a bunch of them)?
The Internet is full of surprises. You get someone pigeon-holed and then poof!


I work with a guy who has twins. They are two years old. He brought them by the office on Friday. Boy, are they a handful! Non-stop busy. At least you'll have the older ones to help. I think that's a plus, right?

Yeah, I had Tigger down as young male, probably single, aged about 19 to mid-twenties...

I wondered how many people thought I was younger than I am. :-D Duolingo is a great place to be immature when I need somewhere to be, but it makes everyone think I'm a lot younger. :-D

Thank you!

Well, usually a plus. :-) They're at school half the day, but when they're home they're usually very useful, and great at entertaining small ones. :-)

I felt the same way when A_User mentioned a client they had. :)

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    Eh the other day Tigs said he could be 8 years old :P

    Wow. Congratulations! Seven cubs! That is a large family! I cannot imagine what it will be like when they become teenager! :)

    I am in favour of names that work in as many languages as possible. You could give them names that sound good in French too.

    Thank you! Crazy. :-D

    If they're a boy and girl, name them Luke and Leia, or at least name one Josh (I hope for obvious reasons :D). I think boys would like more classic and traditional names like Chris, Matt, Andrew, Peter, James, Ben, etc... If they're both girls, I don't have any suggestions. If they're both boys, you have my condolences.

    "If they're both boys, you have my condolences." Best line in the thread! :-D

    Woot, woot! Woot, woot! That's one "woot, woot" for each of them so that they are properly wooted! I like Audrey for a girl's name. It's pretty and distinguished at the same time. Basically everything you need in a name!

    Thank you! :-) Audrey's already on the list. :-)

    WoW! 7 kids!!!!! I'm one of 7 also (almost 8)!!! Congrats!!!

    Here are 3 French girl names:

    1. ANNETTE: Diminutive form of French Anne, meaning "favor; grace."
    2. CATHERINE: Later spelling of Old French Caterine, meaning "pure."
    3. CLAIRE: French form of Latin Clara, meaning "clear, bright." (my sister's name) :)

    Here are 3 French boy names:

    1. ELLIOT: English surname transferred to forename use, originally a Norman French diminutive form of Old French Élie, meaning "the Lord is my God."
    2. ALBERT: French name derived from Latin Albertus, meaning "bright nobility." Compare with other forms of Albert.
    3. ALAIRE: Variant form of French Hilaire, meaning "joyful; happy." (could go with Claire)

    I also love that Claire and Annette can be put together to make this;

    Claire Annette = Clarinet

    Thank you! :-D

    Alaire and Claire, that would be an interesting combination that would probably result in many tangled tongues! :-D


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