It's twins!

Welcome to English Infinitive Verbs for French speakers! Jo suggested that I make a post in one of these old forums so we can keep all the congratulations, rejoicing, name suggestions, and everything else all in one place rather than scattered all over the Duosphere. I thought that was a good idea, so here it is! Important facts first:

  1. They're twins.
  2. They're supposed to arrive 3 September.
  3. They'll be our sixth and seventh.
  4. We need name suggestions.
  5. Am I forgetting anything?
  6. I was. We're not finding out what they are, so we need names for all eventualities! :-D

Another thing I was forgetting. :-) You're probably going to have to wait to find out which names we choose until they arrive! :-D

And another thing. I've been forgetting a lot! :-) Their temporary names are Small One and Little One. We were feeling uncreative. :-D

I apologise if I miss one of your comments. There's enough that it's easy to do! :-)

February 9, 2016

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Wait, what?!!! You're old enough to have children (a bunch of them)?
The Internet is full of surprises. You get someone pigeon-holed and then poof!


I work with a guy who has twins. They are two years old. He brought them by the office on Friday. Boy, are they a handful! Non-stop busy. At least you'll have the older ones to help. I think that's a plus, right?

Yeah, I had Tigger down as young male, probably single, aged about 19 to mid-twenties...

Same. I wouldn't expect a mature father of seven to have a profile based off of Winnie the Pooh. There's nothing wrong with that, I still watch Winnie the Pooh.

What? Who doesn't like Winnie the Pooh?

It comes from naming myself Tigger because A_User was such a boring name. :-D

You're right. The only thing more generic than "A_User" is "User".

I wonder if "User" is taken...

[utilisateur désactivé]

    It's so much fun reading what people thought I was! :-D

    I thought you were a little boy, my age, in fact, I'm not even 10 yet. I can't tell you my age because of the guidelines..... After reading this I thought you were a lady.

    And you as not so much different from that, though I've not talked to you so much.

    No, no, Jack's definitely younger than 19, and I have proof. :-P

    When I found out how young Jack actually was, I was surprised. He is quite mature for his age.

    By the way, I'm actually 67, retired and divorced. It's how I can spend so much time devoted to my Spanish studies!

    I knowwwww Jack's age :D

    I don't have him nailed down precisely. Doesn't surprise me to hear that he's younger. I would be quite surprised to hear he had seven kids though...

    Don't worry, he doesn't. :-D I don't know exactly, but I'm pretty close. :-D

    He has a teenage child, probably older. Maybe not 40 yet.

    YES!!! Exactly.

    I wondered how many people thought I was younger than I am. :-D Duolingo is a great place to be immature when I need somewhere to be, but it makes everyone think I'm a lot younger. :-D

    Thank you!

    Well, usually a plus. :-) They're at school half the day, but when they're home they're usually very useful, and great at entertaining small ones. :-)

    [utilisateur désactivé]

      I think it was our endless TRUCKS/LORRIES bantering that made your age dramaticlly lower than it is. Then again, i probaly look seven when people read my stream of HAIIIIIII!!!! and #PuppyMonkeyBaby

      Lorries! That will be what our children are taught to say. :-P

      How about naming them Trucks and Lorries?

      I'm not that mean of a parent! :-D

      Best suggestion yet. With the exception of Theron.

      Oh no.. not the Mountain Dew commercial again.. That scarred my nightmares of having that monstrosity wake me up in the middle of the night..

      Here's a new hashtag: #NeverSayThatAgainOrIWillGetTheInternetToKillTheMonkeyOrIsItAPuppy...OrIsItABaby! Thanks. :)

      Hm, yeah, that probably hasn't helped anything! :-D

      I still don't know if you're male or female, though I suspect you are female now. Men don't usually get as excited about pregnancy announcements as women.

      There was quite a big of excitement recently over finding out that I am female.
      I have had folks ask me what year of Spanish I am in, which suggests they think I am school-aged. I just kind of... don't answer.

      Tigs is a man! I think he mentioned that to me a week or so ago.

      goes back into our older conversations to look for proof

      I still would think so. Nothing in his behaviour inconsistent with other proud fathers of my acquaintance. At any rate, I will assume so and if it provides him/her with extra amusement so be it.

      I'm provided with amusement anyway, whether you're right or wrong! :-D

      Did you find it? :-D

      I'm pretty sure that I have the proof! ;)

      I think I found what you're talking about. :-)

      And deleted to hide the evidence?

      Nope, it's still there. If it's what I think it is, it's nothing to go by either, since it's talking about the Duo family tree. :-)

      And I'm not going to tell you! It's really a lot of fun having everyone confused and trying to figure out what I am! :-D

      I noticed. You had me thoroughly fooled. :-D No, you're not school-aged. You're definitely older than that. :-D

      I really enjoy an environment where gender and age truly don't matter. They're just ... irrelevant. Pretty cool.

      Only things to do: Upvote and agree. :-)

      Hey hey, although I'm not 10, I'm above 7. Still can't tell you my age.

      I wonder what everyone else thinks I am...

      Jumps into the conversation What are we talking about?

      I think knowing your taste in films helped me guess your age pretty well. :)

      It's possible. :-)

      [utilisateur désactivé]

        I felt the same way when A_User mentioned a client they had. :)

        :-D So you aren't quite as surprised as everyone else?

        [utilisateur désactivé]

          Nope, I guess not. xD

          [utilisateur désactivé]

            Eh the other day Tigs said he could be 8 years old :P


            It is theoretically possible that he is in fact 8 years old and this is all a giant hoax...


            I'm pretty sure it's all a hoax and the twins are triplets.


            :-D You're wrong too. :-P


            ... On the internet nobody knows you're a cat.


            I had a bff with Aubrey as her name.


            One of my cousins has a son with that as his name.


            For all you knew. :-P


            ARE U A GRANNY?!? Lol.


            Not yet, but sometime, hopefully! :-D


            Either we have a confession here that Tigger is female, or else he's just trying hard to confuse everyone. I vote for the latter.


            Or else I haven't had my coffee yet, and so am not paying full attention, which is the true explanation. :-D


            I'll tell you some day. :-)


            Are you middle-aged?!?


            Wow. Congratulations! Seven cubs! That is a large family! I cannot imagine what it will be like when they become teenager! :)

            I am in favour of names that work in as many languages as possible. You could give them names that sound good in French too.


            Thank you! Crazy. :-D


            Oh my. The oldest is a teenager! How do they grow so fast?


            If they're a boy and girl, name them Luke and Leia, or at least name one Josh (I hope for obvious reasons :D). I think boys would like more classic and traditional names like Chris, Matt, Andrew, Peter, James, Ben, etc... If they're both girls, I don't have any suggestions. If they're both boys, you have my condolences.


            "If they're both boys, you have my condolences." Best line in the thread! :-D


            Woot, woot! Woot, woot! That's one "woot, woot" for each of them so that they are properly wooted! I like Audrey for a girl's name. It's pretty and distinguished at the same time. Basically everything you need in a name!


            Thank you! :-) Audrey's already on the list. :-)


            And that's how you know that I have impeccable taste!


            :-D What about your taste in boy's names?


            Listen, I can't just give out all the names at once! That would be as bad as serving the appetizer, soup, salad, main course, cheese course, and dessert all at the same time. They must be savored slowly, one at a time.


            Yes, but I need to savour them two at a time for twins. :-D


            Well, you got me there. I was hoping to bluster my way out of the situation seeing as I don't have a second name yet. :)


            Better start thinking! :-D


            I most certainly am!


            Oooh, I have an idea! If the second one is a boy, you should name him Isaac. It means laughter, and after the amazement of finding out they're twins, I think it's appropriate!


            Not to mention the amount of laughter caused by people's astonishment at my age! :-D


            Eh, you've got time. Eventually the ones you like the most will separate themselves from the rest of the pack.


            True, true. Maybe I should devote my energies towards answering the hundreds (literally) of messages I have of various types instead of choosing names. :-D


            But what fun would that be?


            Oh, it's a lot of fun, considering how many are on this post with people trying to figure out what I am! :-D


            Too true! Audrey and Isaac, Remy and Isaac, Remy and Audrey. I think they go well together. Now all I need is one more girl's name to finish this up.


            All these names are going to make it really hard to choose! :-D


            But I am right, aren't I? Or did you throw me a red herring? :P


            I don't remember what I told you. :-D


            I asked a "pushy" question, does that jog your memory?


            Oh! That! That's nothing to go by. :-D


            Welp, until I have good reason to believe otherwise, that's what I'm going by!


            Remy. I have no particular reason for this one other than I like the way it sounds and it's French.


            Audrey and Aubrey for twin girls.


            Aubrey works for a boy too.


            WoW! 7 kids!!!!! I'm one of 7 also (almost 8)!!! Congrats!!!

            Here are 3 French girl names:

            1. ANNETTE: Diminutive form of French Anne, meaning "favor; grace."
            2. CATHERINE: Later spelling of Old French Caterine, meaning "pure."
            3. CLAIRE: French form of Latin Clara, meaning "clear, bright." (my sister's name) :)

            Here are 3 French boy names:

            1. ELLIOT: English surname transferred to forename use, originally a Norman French diminutive form of Old French Élie, meaning "the Lord is my God."
            2. ALBERT: French name derived from Latin Albertus, meaning "bright nobility." Compare with other forms of Albert.
            3. ALAIRE: Variant form of French Hilaire, meaning "joyful; happy." (could go with Claire)


            I also love that Claire and Annette can be put together to make this;

            Claire Annette = Clarinet


            Fellow music lover! :-D


            Yes. I love Soundtrack Classical (Hunger Games Soundtrack has all of this music). I play Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, and I wish to play Cello, but my stepdad has put an end to my music pursuement.


            I assume he's not a fan of music... Either way, he shouldn't do that! Let you Perdue your dream! You should play the Cello.


            I actually play clarinet! :)


            Thank you! :-D

            Alaire and Claire, that would be an interesting combination that would probably result in many tangled tongues! :-D


            Lol, you're welcome. :)

            [utilisateur désactivé]



              Congratulations, wonderful news! Personally, my favourite name is Sophia/Sophie. What names did you have in mind? :) Are you thinking of using popular names in the countries that speak the languages you're learning? :)


              Thank you! I think I'll have to add that to our possibles list. :-) What names did we have in mind? We don't really yet. All the absolutely necessary names have already been given to one or other of the other kids. :-) We were thinking of something French if one of them is a girl, but nothing's decided yet. :-)


              Good luck on finding the perfect names ^_^


              Ask and Embla maybe? They are the old Norse versions of Adam and Eve :).

              - What's his name?
              - Just ask.


              :-D That is a name a child would either love and be proud of or hate. Knowing me and my relations, they'd probably love it. :-D


              Eva? For a boy - Mickey?


              Pro-tip: Do not give the children matching first letters in their names. Bureaucracy will make you pay for it.


              Lol, that's awesome. I'll have to save this one.


              Pro-tip? Does this mean you've done it? :-D


              I haven't, but my parents did. XD You do not want your children's dental and doctor's records to be confused for the rest of their lives, trust me.


              I'll take your word for it. :-D


              Virginia - Ginny? Abigail - Abby?


              Wow! Congratulations! :)) I don't know, maybe Phillip and Laura; Sophie and Emma; James and Phillip.


              Thank you! :-) Philip, that's a good one we didn't have yet. :-) All these suggestions are going to make it difficult to choose... :-D


              Congratulations, Tigs! I hope that your pregnancy goes smoothly - .. unless your wife is pregnant and I'm completely messing up your gender but obviously hope her pregnancy goes smoothly if that's the case. 8D; - and that your children are healthy and hale when they arrive.

              I suggest a magician's hat. Put in all the cards with all the names, and then randomly draw names until you find a pair that you think is perfect. (Hey, it works for me when I flip a coin. If I don't agree with the outcome, obviously, I've already decided OR I need to flip again. 8D )

              I know too many names. Ask them when they get born, and they'll tell you, I'm sure.


              Thank you! Ah, so you didn't imagine me as a young single male aged 19-mid twenties! :-D I'll leave you to wonder what I really am. :-D

              That could take a while with all these names... :-D


              I generally assume everyone's a dude and treat everybody like that. The moment someone online says they're pregnant, I cast them unequivocally into the 'female' category and.. still treat them like a dude. 8D;

              Considering all the trouble I have accurately guessing people's ages offline, I'm just not even going to try online. I did already know you had four kids prior, at least, so I guess I figured you'd be upward of 25. After that, I stopped caring because you're a pretty cool tiger and fun to talk to. So what's it matter? :)

              (Points, though, if you name the seventh Septimus, Septima, Septaria or Septo or something. 8) Seventh son/daughter of the xth son/daughter thing. 8D )


              Very funny!! "throw them in the female category and... still treat them like a dude"


              I've already given you a girl's name, so here's a boy's name: Sebastian :)



              1. KNEW IT (don't ask how)
              2. Imagine if they arrived on my birthday O.O
              3. HOW DO YOU LOOK AFTER SO MANY KIDS?! Besides the fact your 1 of 9... ;)
              4. Quilla/Quillia and Quillim/Quilliam (girl, boy)

              Emlyn and Emily (girl, girl)

              Natalia and Nastasya (girl, girl)

              Apolla and Apollo (girl, boy)

              Keyson and Keydon (boy, boy)

              Keylara (pronounced Clara) and Keyson OR Keydon (girl, boy)

              Auvren and Aubrey (girl, girl)

              (Five) No :P

              (Six) Fine, don't tell me if you use my names but AT LEAST tell me the gender and when they arrive?

              (Seven) CONGRATS :D

              1. How? :-P
              2. Then you would join the group of those crazier than they are now! :-D
              3. Experience, skill, assistance, practice, and good use of arms, legs, and head! :-D
              4. Creative names! Did you get them from your list again? :-P
              5. Good. :-P
              6. Oh, I'll tell you their names when they arrive. Just not before. :-P
              7. Thank you! :-D

              1. I just did?
              2. YAY :P
              3. And toys :P
              4. Most of them...
              5. :P
              6. You're welcome!


              Yes, definitely toys. And naps (for me too). :-P


              Congrats! That's exciting! These are just some names that I really like. 4 for girls and 4 for boys

              1. Juliana (Latin and means "youthful")
              2. Victoria (Latin and means "conqueror")
              3. Sarah (Hebrew and means "princess")
              4. Jaeyln (Latin and means "blue crested bird")

              5. Benjamin/Ben/Benedict (Hebew and means "son")

              6. Andrew (Greek and means "man, warrior")
              7. Connor (Irish and Gaelic and means "hound-lover")
              8. Levi (Hebrew and means "joined")


              Thank you! So that's what Connor means! I never knew that and I never got around to looking it up. :-)


              Girls: - Felicia[ and] Elise - Elsa[ and] Anna[ lol, but they're 2 good names] - Mary Kate[ and] Ashley - Grace[ and] Hope - Lillian[ and] Alexandra - [I can't help myself, but:] Gerturude[ and] Katniss or Katherine[ so they can be "Little Gerdie and Little Kat! Lol.] - Katniss[ and] Rue - Mary and Ann[ie][ for Mary Antoinette, because, you have two cute pairs of names, there] - two names from this list like Grace Ann. That's a cute one. Boys: - Nicky[ and] Ricky - Sean[ and] James - name them after the Archangles? - Boy and Girl: - Dora[ and] Diego - Anna[ and] Kristoff - Jake[ and] Jaquiline[ Jacky or Jackie for short and maybe even "Jakie"!] - Any other ideas? Put a reply down below and I'll add them to the post.


              You've increased my list by a lot! Thank you! :-D


              Awww, congrats! :) Are they identical twins or non-identical twins? :)

              As for the names: (everyone's suggesting French names here, probably for a reason I missed, so I'll just suggest French names, too.)

              Maybe Marie & Laure or Camille & Lucia if they're girls. Or Charlotte & Anne? Léa & Pauline? And Lucas & Yannik for boys? Charlie & Thomas?


              Thank you! Non-identical. :-)

              Probably because I said we were thinking of something French for if one of them is a girl. :-) You have some good ones too! :-D

              [utilisateur désactivé]

                Ah hugs Congrats! I'm thinking weird combinations... But here:

                Quinn & Finn

                May & Jay

                Callista & James

                Bethany & Cooper

                Two girls:

                Caroline & Claire

                Abigail & Maggie

                Francie & Georgia

                Two boys:

                Will & Fletcher

                Lucas & Collin

                Raphael & Ethan

                Alec & Michael


                Thank you! I just realised that Michael wasn't in our list yet, somehow! I must be out of practice at making name lists! :-D


                congrats again.New life is always a good thing.Did I send you this websites I can't remember if I did or not ?


                Thank you! I think you did, but it's good to be reminded of it! :-)


                you could name one ALEXIS meaning helper,defender and the other AŞTÎ meaning peace..


                New and brilliant idea. Thinking about what I suggested before - since it's twins, if they're boy and girl, you could call them Ivan and Yvonne :-)


                That would really confuse everyone! :-D


                Ann's name list (cause I have a lot):

                Quilla/Quillia and Quillim/Quilliam (girl, boy)

                Emlyn and Emily (girl, girl)

                Natalia and Nastasya (girl, girl)

                Apolla and Apollo (girl, boy)

                Keyson and Keydon (boy, boy)

                Keylara (pronounced Clara) and Keyson OR Keydon (girl, boy)

                Auvren and Aubrey/Aubrielle (girl, girl)

                Rowyn and Rowena (boy, girl)

                Ruven and Ruby (boy/girl and girl)

                Raelynn and Aelynn (girl, girl)

                Lorean and Levi[ethian] (girl, boy)

                Venus and Vixon (girl, boy)

                Levi and Noah (boy, boy)

                Leif and Autumn/Aubrey/Auvren/Aubrielle (boy, girl)

                Magnus and Chace (boy, boy) Yes... I know... :P

                Kylah/Kyler and Kandon OR Kansas (boy, boy)

                Emerie/Emberly and Sidney/Sydney (girl, girl) :P

                Joslyn and Jemima (girl, girl)

                Fort and Lyric (boy, boy)

                Jazlynn and Jewel (girl, girl/boy) :P

                Venus and Neptune (girl, girl) :PPP

                Venus and Mars (girl, boy)

                Mars and Neptune (boy, girl)


                Or instead of Jewel you could use Joel. Not the same name, but it sounds very similar.


                You're welcome!


                Well, we already talked about girls' names but if it happens to be two boys I suppose you can't name them both Theron (OK, theoretically you could...). So for boys' names - Mark, Vladimir (stress on the second syllable), Nicholas, and of course Arkadiy, after you-know-who :-p


                Did I ever tell you that Mrs. McHeron
                Had twenty-three sons and she named them all Theron?
                Well, she did. And that wasn't a smart thing to do...

                Do you know that poem? :-D

                I know all about the stress in Vladimir. It drives me crazy. :-) What about Viktor? :-P


                Do I know it... it was in a book containing a few works of Dr. Seuss, notably the Pale Green Pants with Nobody Inside Them. I don't remember what else was in it.


                "Now the Star-Belly Sneetches
                Had bellies with stars.
                The Plain-Belly Sneetches
                Had none upon thars..."


                "One day, making tracks
                in the prairie of Prax,
                Came a North-going Zax
                And a South-going Zax..."


                I used to be OBSESSED with those books! wow * blushes *


                Was that in the same book? It's been too long since I read Dr. Seuss.


                It was. I know the book. :-)


                Oh, of course. If it's two boys, name one Theron and the other Marvin O'Gravel Balloon Face.


                We share a favourite name from that book! :-D


                Congratulations! Twins. I am surprisingly jealous. :) Here are my favorite names.

                Boys: Colm, Blaise, Demetrius, Maximus, Desean

                Girls: Melisande, Ariadne, Máxima, Mercedes (or Merche), Zerelda (of course), Willow, Esmeralda/Esmerelda (or Imelda/Emira), Ismaire, Melody/Melanie, Noemi/Naomi,

                And those that didn't make the list: Demo, Calamity, Alvar, Lycus, m Saturnino/f Saturnina, and if all else fails, Ephriam and Eirika. Last but not least, Karen.

                I use this site a lot to find names for characters.

                I didn't choose to be a lurker. Lurking chose me. Peace.


                Seriously, naming a child Calamity? Do people actually do that?

                "I didn't choose to be a lurker. Lurking chose me." Can I use this line or is it under copyright?


                No, I don't think anyone uses that....but there's a first time for everything.

                It's a play on the thug life phrase but I think you're good. :)


                Creegan? It's a boys name. A guy in my class's has that name.


                I knew you'd show up eventually! :-D

                @Theron They might. Kids did get named based on what was happening when they were born, so if there was a calamity of some sort, who know's what their parents might do to them! :-D


                Omg that's awesome I'm so happy for you Tigger!!! You must be delighted!!!


                Understatement! :-D Thank you!


                You forgot the parenthesis :P


                Darcy is a pretty kick ass girl's name! You can tell her she was named after a fierce warrior who tased a god! :D (Though, you'd still need a boy's name to go with it..)


                I know a girl named Darcy, spelled differently though. She's pretty cool! ;)


                Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I present to you, indelible and irrefutable proof of the untameable awesome that is the name Darcy, regardless of spelling!


                We will have the same birthday so proud!!!!! just so you know i love the name Annalisa-marie Chistabelle or Bella those names are so beautiful


                Congrats!! I'm sure you're a very proud dad XD All this time I thought you're around 19-mid 20s o_o
                I'm not good with names so I'll just leave it to everyone else (even if I am, I'll probably suggest you Japanese names :p but who am I even kidding, I even struggle to give names to my oc)

                (P.S. you're my goal when I'm old :p)


                Thank you! I have no idea how I managed to so successfully convince everyone that I was around that age. :-D


                I thought you were a teenager :/ or a preteen D:


                I must be really good at this appearing younger than I am thing! :-D


                What age-range do you think I am?


                8-15, I think. But I'm not sure. :-)


                What age range am I? :P


                I'm not very creative in thinking of good names, let alone twins names, so I'll just say Congratulations!


                Actually, I've found a couple I like. Evan and Ryan for boys and Heaven and Nevaeh for girls. 7 kids? That's insanely awesome! I'm one of 8 kids myself. :)


                Did you just say you're not creative? :-D I'm (fortunately) experienced in large families already. :-) I'm one of 9. :-)


                Well, I'm creative when I get in a creative mood. You're one of 9? You are fortunate! I just love big families! :D


                Abraham - to carry on the legacy - it means "father of many". lol


                Oh my! Twins are amazing. Congratulations! I wasn't actually lurking as much as you thought I was :P So this information is actually quite shocking. I'll try helping with name suggestions when I find the time to.


                Thank you! You obviously did lurk, or you wouldn't be here. :-P


                congrats!! they are hard work i have twin sisters they are 5 but how bout Avery and Annabelle?


                Thank you! :-) Those are good names! :-)


                Anytime Good luck lol they are hard !


                just a lil help with names :)


                Did I already say this

                CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! That's wonderful =)


                You did, I think, but I have no objections to you saying it again! :-D


                tigger and piglet X'D I had to look that up


                Or maybe Tiggerlet and Piglet, since I'm already Tigger? :-D


                yes yes, I suppose that will work too.... X'D


                Steve(boy) Atheana(girl)Lex(boy or girl)Seth(boy of course )


                Are you Americans ? I don't understand the exact meaning of what you say. But I ebjoi reading you. You talk about trucks and lorries. Lorries evoke the school years. Trucks much later. Is there now another word, more up to date, which I don't know ? Thanks !


                There are both Americans and Brits here. That's the reason for the trucks/lorries thing - Americans say trucks, Brits say lorries.


                Aussies call them trucks, but are well versed with them being known as lorries.


                Well hello there, Linda :-)


                ohhhhhh ! My beloved Theron !
                I do hope this finds you well and healthy.

                There are things I miss about the times in the past. Yet I am ever so grateful for what we have now. Including how we help to avoid so many of the unpleasant interactions and concerns we ever so worried about in the past.

                I do see Duo going from strength to strength. And there is ever so much change and improvement to come. This community is also .... just .. well ..... ... we are amazing. Each of us.

                Ummm, also as a heads up, I have a strong préférence and relevance if you would use the name Lin for me. Yes it is a long story as to why I am Lin. And part of it is also due to this world wide community.
                Though at its core, it is the name my Grandfather and my Greatfather were called.

                Thanks ever ever ever sooooo much for dropping by with a Hi Theron.
                Wishing you all the best in all things.

                And I hope you continue dropping by with the great gifts of friendship that to me, you give me.


                LindaKanga no more, Lin it shall be then :-) I hope you are also well and healthy. I am both and last year finally achieved my dream of moving to Russia. So I rarely pass by this way now. Perhaps, some day, if I ever find time to fulfill my other dream of learning Hebrew...

                And on that note (pun intended), since I'm feeling nostalgic for the old days now, I'll leave a YouTube link:

                Apprends l'anglais en seulement 5 minutes par jour. Gratuitement.