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  5. "Those apples are tasty."

"Those apples are tasty."

Translation:Tamte jabłka są smaczne.

February 9, 2016



Could I also use tamci? Or is this female? I still don't get it


Up voting as I am also not sure


The two Polish plural forms are masculine personal (a group of people containing at least one male) and non-masculine personal, as in, everything else (women, animals, pizza toppings...).

Tamci is the masculine personal demonstrative pronoun, so it doesn't apply here.


Why is it "Tamte" instead of "tamten"?


jabłka=apples are plural, not masculine personal , tamte is plural not masculine personal version of tamten.

If you wanted to know, apple is singular neuter, so that apple=tamto jabłko. and if you need whole declination use polish wiktionary


Why is jabłkami incorrect?


Jabłkami is the instrumental case. The apples are the subject here, so it must be the nominative.



When does one use "tamte" instead of "te"?


When English uses "those" and not "these".

I mean, actually it is natural to translate "those" as "te" as well. It works more or less like that: [these/those/those] = [te/te/tamte]. So "tamte" is a bit more like "those ones over there". But in order to teach it, we simply translate it to "those".


So am I to understand that adjectives agree with the noun they modify, even when they're predicative?


Well, everything has to agree with everything ;) If a noun is masculine, then it takes masculine pronouns, determiners, adjectives... so here all those words have to be 'not masculine-personal plural'.


I am at loss with the instrumental case. Why isn't tasty instrumental here?? I am confused with previous translations.


A noun phrase would take Instrumental, for example imagine a (rather nonsensical) sentence "Those apples are tasty apples": "Tamte jabłka są smacznymi jabłkami".

But if you just have an adjective on its own, it stays in Nominative.

See here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/16373167

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