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  5. "We see good fruits."

"We see good fruits."

Translation:Widzimy dobre owoce.

February 9, 2016



Why isnt it owocy.Since "fruits" is plural shouldn't it end with a 'y'.Or does this have something to do with the gender?


It is masculine gender, and ends with -c

do you really want to know all the rules? just keep in mind memorising it one word after another could be easier :) take a look on some charts

All possible endings

Is is masculine group 2 here or here


We would say "fruit," not "fruits," in English.


My English is not that good but I have been told that both fruit and fruits are plural of fruit depending on context and dialect http://www.ldoceonline.com/dictionary/fruit_1


In this particular example, "fruits" doesn't work. This sentence is strange anyway. Nobody sees good fruits hahaha. Here is the fruit/some fruit. The fruit is good. On the other hand, "If you want to live long, eat your fruits and vegetables!" In this example, "fruit" would be incorrect.

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