"Ma femme est parfaite !"

Translation:My wife is perfect!

January 16, 2013

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I answered with: "My woman is perfect" It should be also correct...


Tunas, there was a lot of flack flying after the "My wife Cooks" debacle (folks thought it sexist) so maybe Duo has backtracked here and all righteously like, insisted on Wife. Feel their pain (That's hurt, not bread).


Loved the 'pain' part! :D


Just had that problem on another sentence. Will be assuming (possessive)+man/woman=spouse from now on


It is not proper to refer to "femme" as "woman" when it follows a possesive adjective. I wonder what her cooking tastes like.


true i had the same thing


These sentences... agh


Indeed. Hey, they get worse. Blue cows with red boots. Sense means nothing here. Just nouns, verbs, conjugations, spelling and accents. Thats it. Thats enough to learn Duo doesn't care to learn exquisite English. Maybe you lost a heart and felt unjustly stripped. Have a lingot. I understand that they are like Duo "Bit Coins" but do Oh! Duo! You have 2 downvotes and I so hate them so I will give you an upvote to screww the jury and then please have a lingot..... dunno what use they are but the dont 'arff look good on your post. 'Lympic Gold almost!


aww you're sweet :) Thanks Feelin better ;)


I will never forget the word parfait after the 6th sentence with parfait in it XD


Ma femme est parfait... ...elle me dit!


The key phrase to a lasting marriage.


blink twice if you need help!!


no one's perfect dude


A sentence that might save your life someday!...


Ma femme n'existe pas........ . . . . . sigh.


No one but God is perfect!


Everybody's wife is


Whats the different between 'mon' and 'ma' ?


Hi mintra. There is no difference in the possessive. Look my friend, you are thinking in English. In English there is no gender for verbs pronouns, possessive articles etc, etc. But in French The subject is of no real importance right now grammatically speaking. Focus on the object in the sentence when you wish to possess something.... So "MY" boy is masculine. To possess "MY" boy it must follow the gender of the object: Boy. Therefore it is Mon (masculine). If I possess my Girl, the object is feminine, (Girl) so the possessive must follow that gender which is "MA". It is a case for thinking in French rather than English. In English if I am a male then "My girl" is thought of as male and isn't that just crazy?? In French the girl is feminine and so the possessive takes the feminine form from "Mon" to "Ma" . I hope I have explained this rather than confused you still further.


That makes perfect sense. Thank you!

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