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No lesson about participles, compound verbs and other complex verb structures?

This might be some of the hardest stuff for me to get down correctly. Mostly the -at, -ant, -atas, -antas (along with their respective -i and -o relatives) endings as well as the combination with esti + participles and basically forming perfect form and when to use this. When I try to translate from english to esperanto I encounter so many of these english compound verb structures "Have 'verb'-ed", "have been 'verb'-ing" along with "'modal verb' + 'verb'" and I struggle with translating them satisfactorily into esperanto.

I don't expect to master this anytime soon, but I'm a little disappointed to note that there seemingly aren't any dedicated course for complex verb structures. I haven't finished the tree yet, but I couldn't find any. Would be great if it was considered to be added.

Anyways, if you have any great tips about advanced esperanto verb patterns and En - Eo verb translation please share. Mi estas tre scivola pri ĉi tiu.

Dankon amikoj!

2 years ago