"Nie lubię tego widoku."

Translation:I do not like this view.

February 9, 2016

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Is widoku view as in perspective (religious, political, etc.) or an actual view (of the mountains, ocean, etc.)?


It is an actual view


Is it possible to use I dislike this view?


Today my answer disappears when the correct answer appears. I cannot see the mistakes I have made.


I heard that there is a bug like that and it will be addressed very shortly as it's a serious one.


The first time I listened to the example (at slow speed), I thought the verb was ,,lubię." After the second listen, I changed that to ,,mówię." Following the third replay, I was convinced that the verb was ,,robię." I don't know what verb I might have heard during a fourth replay.

I didn't recognize widoku because the most recent (and only previous) occasion that I saw and heard it here was a few months ago.


I hear "lubię", although the male voice could be a bit clearer.

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