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Who is the highest WELSH level you have met? Any 25's?

February 9, 2016



The only person who is level 25 is BLAZERUNNER, although he's becoming notorious for using suspicious efforts to reach that.

Otherwise, I think you're the highest level :D KierenRMcCormack is level 11 and approaching 12, so he'll be a competitor :)


Highly unlikely seeing as how Welsh has only been out for two or three weeks.

You need 30,000 XP to reach level. 25 and that would mean approx 10,000 XP or more per week.


Andrew went better, gaining in excess of 10,000 per day. Hmmm.


Keep it in mind im lvl 14 and that wasn't hard. Just seeing if any1 was lvl 25.


I guess it wasn't for you. Care to comment: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/13575579

I think they are talking about you, having looked at your log.


I'm a bit off subject, sorry, however I'm interested in knowing which language you found hard/easy? I see you're up there on pretty much all of them. Which was the easiest for you?

Good luck with Welsh, btw.


I have seen someone who is level 17, but so far not higher than that.


No there are no level 25s who have not cheated their way there yet. It just takes too long to do it the valid way. I have been spending huge amounts of time on Welsh, which is particularly hard because it is in beta and I have to keep reporting problems on the way. I believe I am probably the highest level of anyone who has not cheated the points.

Someone has mentioned BLAZERUNNER who used glitch immersion to give himself pretend level 25. You, on the other hand, adopted for a somewhat more laborious cheat, but cheat you did, as indicated by your activity log.

Wrth gwrs, mae'n bosibl eich bod chi'n dysgu Cymraeg yn wir yn dau ddyddiau, gyda chymorth o TARDIS, felly bydd gennych unrhyw broblem gyda'r ddedfryd hon - a hefyd i wylio ei y camgymeriad(au) bwriadol, ac yn pwyntio allan i mi.

If you understand that and can spot the things that Google translate will miss, then I would reverse my opinion :)

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