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  5. "Er hun en kvinne?"

"Er hun en kvinne?"

Translation:Is she a woman?

February 9, 2016



So for that verb we get the same inversion rule for questions we get in english?


Yes, but it also applies to all verbs for yes-no questions.


When you have one consonant after the vowel, is the vowel short? And when you have two consonants after the vowel, is the vowel long?

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It's the other way round, a vowel before a single consonant is (usually) long, the vowel before double consonants is short.

Short common words are the exceptions for the long vowel rule, as 'for', 'som', 'han', 'hun', 'den', 'til', 'om', 'men', 'kan', 'skal', 'vil' all have short vowel sounds. There is also an extra rule that words can't end in double m for some reason, so for instance the word 'å komme' (to come) drops the 'e' in simple past tense, but since it can't end in double 'm', it becomes 'kom' instead of 'komm'. ("Jeg kom klokka åtte" = "I came/arrived at eight o'clock").


is she

she logically is a woman so the question is strange


is she a woman? No, she's not a woman, she's still a little girl.

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To me, the audio keeps saying "...eme...", or "...emm...", instead of "...en..." - Is there a fix for this?

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