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"This boy respects his parents."

Translation:Ten chłopiec szanuje swoich rodziców.

February 9, 2016



(So this verb plainly takes the gen. when I thought it took the acc. ... never mind, more important point coming....)

Help! I need a way to look up these verbs and find out which case they take and all the sayings and the prepositions they use, and which cases the complement of the preposition is in etc.

Most of the online English to Polish dictionaries just give a list of possible matches for a word and that's about it.

I suppose if there was an Polish dictionary, only written in English lol???

Or maybe I could try a polish dictionary. Any suggestions? One thats easy to navigate for a beginner speaker. I have learned some of the grammatical terms (e.g. case names) in Polish and don't mind learning a few more if it will help with all this...



I said you about PONS. In this case the matter is rather simple. "Szanować" is a transitive verb and connects with Accusative.




Sorry, was being dumb above. Acc - Gen. in this case because the objects are male personal..

I've tried PONS but I don't find it gives much info. Its okay for simple transitive verbs like this, heck even says its transitive I think.

Somebody else put a link for a polish dictionary in polish. Might take a deep breath and jump in there.


You should check PONS dictionary in two directions: Polish-English and English-Polish. I noticed that in Polish you don't find all examples so you should check also conjugated verbs not only infinitive forms. For example: "spotkać" and "spotkałem" (1st person singular past tense). There are listed most common expressions. And if you search in English you can find out that "respect" (noun) is in Polish "szacunek" or "poważanie".


Only one I know abut that has cases, is wsjp, but it is not easy to navigate, and needs you to know questions instead of case names. (and is still in progress) (https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Przypadek#Przypadki_w_j.C4.99zyku_polskim)

-You go here http://www.wsjp.pl,
-write Szanuje
- list of words appears,
- you pick the one that looks like it might be the one and clik
- list of posiible meanings appear
- you pick first one and click
- you click składnia
Rzosobowy + szanować + KOGO + (za CO)
Rzosobowy + szanować + CO
Rzosobowy + szanować + KOGO + jako KOGO

possible variants of cases, word positions appear.

you click the red line, pick other meaning, and follow the same way.

also "odmiana" is declension/conjugation
"połączenia" shows you most common phrases.

the bad thing for me is that you cannot link to a one thing only to first page or print all.


Składnia = syntax

So I got here so far, very good

http://www.wsjp.pl/index.php?id_hasla=23840id_znaczenia=4688958l=22ind=0 Rzosobowy + szanować + KOGO + (za CO) Rzosobowy + szanować + CO Rzosobowy + szanować + KOGO + jako KOGO

Good, got the syntax page now, useful...

Rzosobowy = subject? (of the sentence) (no dictionary i tried has this word, is it perhaps "żosobowy"?)

I can learn the questions off and relate them to the cases, been meaning to do that anyway so my GF can help me (she uses the questions not the names to determine case when explaining things to me).

If you can't link then probably nobody can follow my link above lol.

Anyway, this looks very useful, will check it out for nouns as well. This is the one I was talking about, had seen snatches of it, but I really needed the guided tour.

Dzięnki bardzo!


RZosobowy-rzeczownik osobowy- personal noun.

http://wsjp.pl/pobieranie/Zasady_opracowania_WSJP.pdf page 51.


Great thanks! I have another example for you. How to find out what the part of speech is of "autobusowy". I've a feeling it is an adjective.

How would I find this out from WSJP.pl? I had a look, and I found the entry, but I couldn't see if it was an adjective or not...

BTW PONS was able to classify it as an adjective, wiktionary didn't have the entry.

It will probably help if I know the word for adjective lol = przymiotnik

OK, that helped, found the classification, under "odmiana" it gives the part of speech. "część mowy: przymiotnik" (part of speech: adjective)

this is good shit


but you can use PONS for that.

On WSJP if you click "odmiana" it says "przymiotnik.

Polish wiktionary https://pl.wiktionary.org/wiki/autobusowy


ok, wiktionary has some good info (e.g. declension table), but not a lot of words

PONS has a lot of words, but not much info (it gives u the part of speech, but no declension tables for example)


WSJP = best of both worlds! good word coverage and in-depth info. broad and deep.

Rodzaj gramatyczny (grammatical gender) is also given (the codes are easy enough to work out, but also defined in that pdf u shared @



ah, I was using English wiktionary... thanks


Thank you Maria! First I've seen of that one! It's perfect!

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