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"What do you think of"

Translation:Beth dych chi'n feddwl o

February 9, 2016


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It's because the full sentence is:- Beth dych chi'n ei feddwl o.......the 'ei' refers back to the 'beth' at the beginning of the sentence and soft mutates 'meddwl'. The 'ei' is dropped in speech.


Hmm. I understand what you mean with "Beth dych chi'n ei feddwl o" but that is not really the sentence given here. This is a sentence fragment where 'o' is a preposition, not a pronoun. So isn't it really a fragment of some hypothetical full sentence like "Beth dych chi'n meddwl o Dewi Lingo?"

But thinking about it further now I am confused. I read "What do you think of" as a sentence fragment. But perhaps it is indeed meant to be a complete sentence meaning "What are you thinking about?" If that's what is meant, I think the English translation here is a little awkward.

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It's a mistake by the contributor who wrote it and it should be a complete sentence with something after the 'o'. To be corrected asap. Thanks for pointing it out.


I see many sentences in the course where meddwl is mutated like this, but I don't think it is correct.


Yes it is strange to mutate a verb after yn. I'll ask one of the contributors about it.


There's the "hidden" ei in there which causes the mutation :)

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