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How do I delete languages I have not started to learn?

I am stuck on how to delete my Spanish and French levels, how do I do it??

December 23, 2013



At the top right corner of the screen, you will find your name with a drop box arrow. Drop the arrow and click on "Settings". On the right side of the Screen you'll find a link for "Learning Languages". Click it. The window will then give you the option to either add a new language, view all existing languages, or remove/reset ones that you're already subscribed to. Click on remove/reset. Then proceed with removing/resetting the language of your choice!

Buena Suerte!

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Thank you! I had been trying for months to remove two languages I added by mistake and never started. Yours was the clearest explanation of how to do so that I've read, and I was finally able to clean up my profile. Muito obrigada!


I also want to delete my Spanish one, but I don't think you can....


Nvm I guess now you can! Go to the scroll language in the top left corner. Click "more" then "Reset or remove language".


where is the more on the website?


i know! that's the same exact problem I'm having!


I figured out how to delete mine, so you have to go to your user and click settings. Then go to learning language and below 'See all language course' it should say 'Reset or remove languages'. It then takes you to the languages your learning and would have 2 buttons on the side, they read 'Reset Progress' and next to that button is "remove' button. Once you do this, all the information of that language is gone, so make sure its the right one, i almost made the mistake of deleting my French language. be careful of which language is chosen. Hope this helped!


I thought I already answered that...

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