"Dych chi'n mynd i chwarae sboncen yfory?"

Translation:Are you going to play squash tomorrow?

February 9, 2016

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is sboncen also squash the vegetable (fruit?) (which it sounds like, i.e., "pumpkin") or just the game?


Just the game I believe, Pumpkin is Pwmpen.


In Welsh can you use "mynd" to refer to future action in any sentence or only when (as here) the sense of physical going is implied?


You can use it whenever you use "I am going to" in English, so no there's no need for movement, e.g. "Dw i'n mynd i fwyta afal yfory" is "I'm going to eat an apple tomorrow". Of course it depends on the type of future you want, you'd never use "Dw i'n mynd" for "I will".


Btw, check the course notes if you haven't already. I find them to be very helpful :)


I had to google what Squash was, sounds like racquetball.

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