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Duolingo not accepting the correct solution for a particular sentence pattern in Lesson 1 of Work

There is an issue in Lesson 1 of Work where duolingo is not accepting the correct solution for a sentence pattern even when the typed answer is exactly the same as the given ‘correct solution’.

The sentence pattern is “X dw i.” where X is mecanic/actores/athro etc.

The correct answer is “I'm a mechanic/actress/teacher” but duolingo is not accepting this or other variants e.g. “I am a mechanic”.

This is what I've found anyway. I don't remember encountering the problem when I first did the lesson, but I've encountered it on two separate days recently when I've gone to revise the lesson.

February 9, 2016



I've had a similar thing on other courses on Duolingo, to the point where it wasn't accepting the correct answer even if it was the copied and pasted correct solution from the time before. It's just one of the bugs that occur seem to occur on Duolingo.


Did you check for punctuation?

Normally, Duolingo ignores punctuation, but I've heard of a bug that causes Duolingo to sometimes be extremely strict about punctuation (e.g. adding or leaving out a full stop/period at the end of a sentence).

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