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"Seni öpen erkek arkadaşın mı?"

Translation:Is it your boyfriend who is kissing you?

February 10, 2016



Would "Is the man who kissed you a friend of yours" be accepted as an answer?


No, erkek arkadaş means boyfriend in a romantic sense specifically.


Try looking at it like this: If we replaced arkadaş with baba, would "Seni öpen erkek baban mı?" mean "Is the man who kissed you your father?" ?


Haha, i came here to ask exactly the same thing, and give the exact same example :D


"Is the man who kissed you your friend?" is accepted.


Is "Is your boyfriend the one who kissed you?" really wrong here?


Why is the past tense not accepted: "Was your boyfriend the one who kissed you?" I know I'm missing something, but I don't know what.

Also "Is your boyfriend the one who kissed you?" is wrong... Anyone know why?


I think the problem is that you wrote "...the one.." "the one = biri". In the Turkish sentence there is "adam" not "biri".


The verb should be past tense .


No, not really; not necessarily.

  • The Subject Participle -(y)An, as an adjective, does not specify the tense. It could either be present or past.

  • For the future -(y)AcAk is used.

  • Specifically denoting the past is -mIş olan: "Her kitaptaki bilginin kaynağı, o kitabı yazmış olan yazarın zihnidir."


Why is the present tense used here? It seems very odd... Alternatively the past tense would be perfectly normal.."Was it your boyfriend who kissed you?"


Öpen can be every tense, present tense, past tense, whatever you want and what is fitting in the sentence, if it is not the future tense. Öpen is an non future object participle.


first : seni öpen isn't that in the past second: i have been living in turkey for years and i can say that i have never heard the combo erkek arkadaşı, people use sevgili, maybe im wrong and girls use it i don't know


Is he your boyfriend who is kissing you, what's wrong here


Oh oh ! Hi must be her angry sibling

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