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  5. "She does not want milk."

"She does not want milk."

Translation:Dyw hi ddim eisiau llaeth.

February 10, 2016



What's wrong with "mae hi'n ddim yn eisiau llaeth"?

  • "eisiau" does not take the particle yn
  • Even if you did, you have too many of them -- it belongs with the verb and not with the subject -- so "yn mynd, yn gweld" etc. would be correct but the 'n in hi'n is wrong as the yn does not belong there if the verb doesn't come right after it. A sentence such as Mae hi'n yfed cwrw is not Mae hi'n + yfed cwrw but is instead Mae hi + 'n (yn) yfed cwrw, so if a ddim comes in between the yn stays with the verb, not the subject.
  • As I understand it, "mae" is used for positive statements, not negative ones or questions.

[deactivated user]

    The correct solution wanted for me was ' Dydy hi ddim yn moyn llefrith ' I've never come across 'moyn' before. how am I to know where it goes?

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