"I announce my book."

Translation:Eu anuncio meu livro.

January 16, 2013

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Anuncio meu livro. - this translation is perfect, as well. I am brazilian and a portuguese teacher.


Hi there! I'm Brazilian and can say that aNUNcio is wrong. The correct pronunce is anunCIo. By


Is there a difference between "eu anuncio meu livro" and "eu anuncio O meu livro?" Is the latter wrong or just unnecessary?


When you have "possesive + noun", the article is opitional.


Hey, this is language learning here. Go write your own textbook and you'll see that "That day, when Stephen King arrived to announce his book, I said with a flourish, No, Stephen, I announce my book." just is too much to say. Simple is good. It's didactic. As for me, I put "Anuncio meu livro" and it marked me wrong. The darn program needs to be tweeked. Reported.

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