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  5. "Oni was nie lubią."

"Oni was nie lubią."

Translation:They do not like you.

February 10, 2016



Why doesn't accept "They don't love you"?


Because "lubią" means "like" not "love".


Thanks. As I say "love"?

[deactivated user]

    Why is it that "They don't like you all" isn't accepted? Since 'was' is the declination of 'wy'


    OK, added now.


    It's getting weird seeing German cognates pop up in this language recently...


    Two questions: was is plural 'you'? This syntax is strange for what I've learned so far. Is this an example of what I recently learned, that Polish is fluid in that you can emphasise a part of a sentence by placing it at the beginning? Is there an emphasis on 'you'?

    1. Yes, it's plural.

    2. Actually, the emphasis mostly goes at the end of the sentence. This sentence is rather neutral. "Oni nie lubią was" would be like "They do not like YOU". We strongly discourage such a word order. On the other hand, the word order that feels most natural is "Nie lubią was", with the subject pronoun omitted. In such an order, there's no other place for "was", so the fact that it's at the end doesn't show any emphasis.

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