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  5. "Marta idzie do szkoły."

"Marta idzie do szkoły."

Translation:Marta is going to school.

February 10, 2016



Marta goes to school is correct too. It means she will start school shortly.


Eh. The school context totally messes with the iść/chodzić distinction. Added 'goes', as I understand that you are right here.


Why is Martha goes to school marked wrong?


That would be Marta chodzi do szkoły.


Polish language can be difficult even to people born in Poland. To learn Polish abroad can be a challenge of high order! I have A level Polish exams from Warsaw and I just have fun with your course. When you speak the language as a native you have intuition and subconscious understanding of the hidden meanings. Learning foreign languages does not result in the same feeling for the language as one has for their own native one.Perhaps that is the reason why the Institute of Linguists in London requires that the interpreters should be born in the country which language they will translate into.


There are several possible translations as we do not have present perfect , continous etc.

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