"Hva er han redd for?"

Translation:What is he scared of?

February 10, 2016

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"Scared" actually has an Old Norse origin, but it's unrelated to "redd."


Ha, nice to know, however the "(sca)redd" thing may be useful to remember the word


Yes, it is. Thank you both for your contribution.


I really like this course because of its high quality in accepting translations. Many other courses would not have accepted the grammatically correct, "Of what is he scared?" but this one did.


Why would you not use 'av' here?


"Av" isn't used in this kind of situation. It'd take too much time to explain it, I can only say you'll eventually learn it by giving yourself some time, reading stuff, listening to people, etcetera.


I swear, after listening multiple times that I heard the voice say "hva er ham redd for"

I thought, that's an odd pronoun for here, but maybe I missed something earlier.


Hi, could we use "redd" as "afraid" in the sentence "I'm afraid I can't come" (giving bad news...)?


I imagine not as the 'fear' in the English sentence may well be idiomatic rather than literal, so it would make more sense to apologise instead of refer to fear, as you may well end up implying that you are SCARED of coming rather than unable to.


Is there an a between han and redd? Because I think I hear it in the pronunciation.


No, that's just the trilled R customary to Norwegian.

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    redd afraid redd fraid same but not known in norsk

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