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"Я не видел, где флешка, поэтому включил свет."

Translation:I did not see where the thumbdrive was, that's why I turned on the light.

February 10, 2016



This sentence is already translated. why?


It's probably the size of your screen. Duolingo uses it to calculate how many words can be set as 'to be used' in the exercise, leaving small screens filled out beforehand.


"I did not see where the flashdrive was, so turned on the light."

Why is a second "I" needed in this sentence?


Dropping the pronoun after "so" doesn't sound good to me.


OK, it's just my sloppy English then. :D

This whole lesson is one of the few that has me screaming at the screen because of poor set up; most of the course is really well done. Grumble, grumble.


When to use поэтому instead of потому что?


You don't use one instead of another since they are, in fact, the opposite of each other in terms of cause and effect and thus never overlap. "Поэтому" means "therefore", "потому что" means "because".


Duo translates "поэтому" sometimes as "so," "hence," and "therefore." All possibilities should probably be accepted although "so" is the most colloquial.


Tinycards insists on the translation "USB drive", but this question rejected that in favor of "jump drive". Please align.


Can someone tell me why the imperfective "видел" is being used instead of the perfective "увидел"? It doesn't sound like a repeated action so I would have thought you'd use the perfective. Thanks


Because it's negated, and even more so, because it's in the past.

BTW, I highly recommend "Russian Course", Nicholas Brown, Penguin. I went to check my facts, and immediately found a clear statement on this. I've always found his clarity a delight.


Maybe I'm being dull, but I don't understand why there doesn't have to be a "была" in regards to "где флешка"-"where the flash drive was" in order to ensure it's past tense. Is it because the verbs are in the past tense so it's already implied? Would it be incorrect to use "была" in this sentence?


What is a thumbdrive


memory stick Flash drive Pen drive Jump drive Typically external memory with USB interface


"I couldn't see where was the thumbdrive, thats why I turned on the light" this should be added.

I did not see where the thumbdrive was is LITERAL Word for Word translation.

it works for russian, but People dont speak like that in english.


"where was the thumbdrive" actually sounds awkward and unnatural in English.

The translation as posted is fine.

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