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  5. "Где они будут в час ночи?"

"Где они будут в час ночи?"

Translation:Where are they going to be at one a.m.?

February 10, 2016



Would "Where will they be at one o'clock at night" be correct?


Yes, it is correct.


Probably a stupid question, but why is час ночи = one a.m.?


I have the same question....


I am wondering the same, even more, where is the number 1?


Cosider it an idiomatic expression. "Час ночи" is "one a.m.", "час дня" is "one p.m."

It's just how it's said in Russian. We omit "один" when we mean "one o'clock" because it's obvious that it's "one" and not "two" or more since it's the only instance when "час" would be in the nominative case. For all other numbers it would be genitive.

"Ночи", "утра", "дня", "вечера" are "in the night", "in the morning", "in the day" and "in the evening" respectively. It's the way Russian denotes time of the day, instead of "a.m." and "p.m." like in English. "Night" is from midnight to 4 or 5 a.m., then it's "morning" 'till noon. "Day" is from noon to 4 or 5 p.m. and the rest is "evening".


Asleep, if they have any sense.


This says select missing word, but there are no words to select it from. Nor is there a keyboard option.


The machine voice is infuriatingly misleading. "ночи" sounds like some nonsensical "луче" (beam?) and I stupidly typed it as such... fuming


To be fair, it only sounded strange when I clicked the slowed down version...

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