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  5. "Peidiwch mynd!"

"Peidiwch mynd!"

Translation:Don't go!

February 10, 2016



Is it true that after 'peidio' we must put 'â' because I saw a comment before in "Peidiwch dweud!"

I've tried Google Translate and yes! 'Do not go' is translated into 'Peidiwch â mynd'...


http://www.bbc.co.uk/wales/learnwelsh/pdf/welshgrammar_allrules.pdf says on page 62:

The negative commands (Don’t) are

Peidiwch / Peidiwch â (polite singular + plural)
Paid / Paid â (familiar singular)

e.g. Peidiwch siarad Saesneg! Peidiwch â siarad Saeneg! - Don’t speak English!
Paid rhedeg ar y lawnt! Paid â rhedeg ar y lawnt! - Don’t run on the lawn!

Technically, the preposition ‘â’ should form part of this pattern, but it is often dropped in speech.


Also â becomes ag before a word beginning with a vowel: paid ag yfed (don't drink) etc.


It seems that both forms are correct, though I have always been taught, "Peidiwch â..." (followed by an aspirate mutation). It may be another North/South dialect thing.


Thank you for answering... ^^


Don't trust Google Translate to tell you what is correct grammar.


Who says I trust Google Translate?

I do not only refer to Google Translate...but when I try to google peidiwch...the recommendation gives this:

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