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  5. "Os oes arian gyda ti."

"Os oes arian gyda ti."

Translation:If you have money.

February 10, 2016



Mae becomes oes or ydy/yw after os (if).

Mae car gyda ti (You have a car) Os oes car gyda ti (If you have a car)

Mae'r car gyda ti (You have the car) Os ydy'r/yw'r car gyda ti (If you have the car)


When would you use 'mae'n'? For some reason I'm having a hard time getting when to use mae/mae'r/mae'n correct.


Cwestiwn da!

Mae is used in the present tense, 3rd person (except with nhw (they)).

Mae plentyn yn canu (A child is singing)

Mae coffi yn y pot (There's coffee in the pot)

Mae ci gyda fi (I have a dog, lit. There's a dog with me)

Mae'r is used in exactly the same way but when the word 'r (the) follows it.

Mae'r plentyn yn canu (The child is singing)

Mae'r coffi yn y pot (The coffee's in the pot)

Mae'r ci gyda fi (I have the dog, lit. The a dog is with me)

Mae'n is a shortened form of Mae e'n (He/It is) or Mae hi'n (She/It is).

Mae e'n canu or Mae'n canu (He's singing)

Mae hi'n dod gyda ni or Mae'n dod gyda ni (She's coming with us)

Mae hi'n bwrw glaw or Mae'n bwrw glaw (It's raining)

Any clearer?


Croeso. Plenty of practice and it'll become second nature!


Ahhh! Thank you!

Mae is also used for plural nouns, right? Mae'r cŵn yn bwyta cig "the dogs are eating meat", Mae ieithoedd yn deg "languages are beautiful"?


Yeah! The third person plural verb, in whatever tense, is used solely with the pronoun nhw (they).

Mae e'n mynd (He's going)

Maen nhw'n mynd (They're going)

Mae pobl yn mynd (People are going)

Canodd Siân (Siân sang)

Canon nhw (They sang)

Canodd Siân a Siôn (Siân and Siôn sang)

Bydd hi'n iawn (She'll be ok)

Byddan nhw'n iawn (They'll be ok)

Bydd y plant yn iawn (The kids will be ok)

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