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Translating names?

For the purpose of this website, should we translate names of restaurants, clubs, etc?

I just translated a webpage listing tour dates for a Spanish band and was unsure if I was also supposed to translate the names of the clubs/venues where they were performing. It seems to me that if an English speaker were reading this article (and possibly even showing up to the concerts), they would want to know the actual Spanish name of the club they should go to and not the English translation.

June 5, 2012



This is a good question. I generally do not translate names. In some cases, especially if the Spanish name would be hard for a non-Spanish speaker to pronounce, I will include the English translation in parenthesis.


I'd by default just say the Spanish name, names don't really change across language unless you're in a hokey language class :P


The original name in the original language, and English in parenthesis is a good way. I translated a text about Monmartre in Paris with the name of the church Sacré Coeur in Spanish. I used the French name.

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