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Bonus Skill: Traveling

I have an idea for a bonus skill that you can buy from the lingot store. It focuses on things that would be very useful when traveling overseas, such as phrases like "I'm allergic to shellfish", "Where's flight 104?", "Could you take a photo for me?", etc.. Even if some of this does exist in the Duolingo skill tree, I think it should be accessible to people in early levels, especially if they are going overseas in a few months. [Quick Edit: The English for Spanish course includes "Trips" or "Viajes" early on.]

February 10, 2016



I think that's a really good idea. I was in Spain last year and what I'd learnt on Duo helped quite a lot... until I got to a station. Then I was stuck and had to dig out a phrase book.


Better than pick up lines - but only marginally ;) +1


I think this is an excellent idea. Much better than pick up lines.


I hope they may bring it out. It's so much more useful than the others!


That's a really good idea. :)

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