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"Can you bring bread and wine?"

Translation:Czy możecie przynieść chleb i wino?

February 10, 2016



could it be 'chleba i wina'?


Well... it could work, but I think in English it would rather be "some bread and wine" then.

In case anyone is wondering, that is the partitive meaning of the Genitive case - with uncountable (usually) nouns it has the meaning of "some".


It doesn't accept "Możecie przynieść chleb i wino?"


That's a big oversight. Obviously this is perfectly correct. Added now.


It didn't accept Wy możecie przynieść chleb i wino in multiple choice. Should it have done?


Hmmm... I think it shouldn't have proposed such answer, as it's an accepted answer but not a starred one. The 'wrong' answers should just be wrong. I changed something, now it should demand "Czy możesz..." and "Czy możecie..." - maybe this time it will be okay.

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