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"Baineann sibh bhur gcótaí díbh."

Translation:You take your coats off.

February 10, 2016



How would you write just "Take your coats off."?


The imperative is bain if you're talking to one person, or bainigí if you are talking to more than one person

Bainigí bhur gcótaí díbh


Also, Bainigí díbh bhur gcuid cótaí might be a bit more commonly used, since phrasal verbs tend to keep their parts close together. But both are correct.


So then the singular version would be... Bain díot do chóta. An fíor é sin?


Ahhh, OK. Go raibh maith agat. c:


"you don't take your coats off" was incorrect, the Duo answer is "you guys don't take your coats off". Where is the Irish word for "guys" in the sentence? Surely my answer was correct, yes?


"You guys" is simply colloquial English usage for plural "you," and doesn't translate literally. I suspect that Duolingo says "you guys" because native English speakers are more likely to associate that with the plural, whereas saying just "you" can be ambiguous. You (singular) in Irish, of course, is tú, while you (plural) (= "you guys") is sibh. Which is why you say "Go raibh maith agat" to one person, but "Go raibh maith agaibh" to two or more.


you need to understand that when you get an exercise wrong, Duolingo looks for the entry on it's list of acceptable answers that looks closest to the answer that you submitted. Duolingo doesn't understand English or Irish, so it's "closest" is just a mechanical match.

In your case, you had an extra word "don't" in your answer, so Duolingo presented you with the entry on it's list of acceptable translations that also has an extra word in that place, even though "guys" is actually part of "you guys", which someone at some point requested be accepted as a "plural you" translation of "sibh".

"You don't take your coats off" is "ní bhaineann sibh bhur gcótaí díbh"


SatharnPHL - re. your comment. In my answer I didn't use the negative but for some reason I did that in my comment. I actually wrote - "you take off your coats" which was given as incorrect because I missed out "guys". However, thanks for your reply.


I accept that you don't think you entered "you don't take your coats off", but given the fact that "guys" isn't required, I'm pretty sure you didn't enter "you take your coats off" either.


i think this might also be acceptable based on another question asked "Baineann sibh bhur díbh gcótaí " ? or did i confuse myself?


díbh cannot go between bhur and gcótaí.


ah, thank you! i DID confuse myself then!


I am often hearing that it is better to put the verbal phrases as close as possible. If that is the case would it be better to say this sentence like so: "Baineann sibh díbh bhur gcótaí." With the 'díbh' after the pronoun?

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