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  5. "I have washed myself."

"I have washed myself."

Translation:Dw i wedi ymolchi.

February 10, 2016



No need for fy hun(an), etc here as the ym- prefix means that the action is a reflexive one.

  • golchi - washing, to wash (something/someone else)
  • ymolchi - washing oneself, to wash oneself


  • Dw i'n ymolchi - I am washing myself; I am getting washed.
  • Dw i wedi ymolchi - I have got washed; I have washed myself.
  • Dw i'n golchi'r llestri - I am washing the dishes
  • Dw i wedi golchi'r car. - I have washed the car.
  • Wyt ti wedi ymolchi eto? - Have you got washed yet?


Coming back to a simpler exercise teaches me new things...


...... but is " fy hunan " wrong, I appreciate it's not necessary - but still ..

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