Thanks a lot Duolingo! This is awesome. Oh and also thankful everyone that made it possible.

December 24, 2013

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Taking the reverse tree too yes? :)

Honestly, at least in the case of Russian and Dutch, most of the learners are probably doing the reverse tree... like me.

trying to start the dutch but it is slow .. unable to open the first lesson ...troubleshooting so it will be dealt with

well here you can have two lingots

a lingot for your Russian

and another Lingot for your Dutch

great idea ... christmas lingot for you

Froehliche Weinachten!

why not another lingot

smile and enjoy the day

Vrolijk kerstfeest jackelliot. Ik zal wat lingots naar je overmaken omdat je zo vrijgevig bent.

Merry christmas jackelliot. I will transfer some lingots to you because you're so generous.

everyone does so =)

So nice to see Dutch here :) I was trying to get at least a grasp of it when I was visiting the Netherlands, but in most cases English was enough and also German helped with reading signs :)

Thanks so much those who worked hard on it! :) You are awesome! I wish you many waffles and chocolate <3 (That is my strongest memory of the country - sorry for stereotypes)

Haha, no worries, I like waffles and chocolate! ^^

Thanks to everyone testing the course! (whether it's in the reverse or not). We think you guys are awesome too! :)

Mmmmmm stroopwafels. :)

For the non-Duchies here, you should definitely try it :)

I'm also taking this in reverse! One of the challenges with learning Dutch through this course is going to be making sure one learns the genders of the nouns but either way I'm really excited about this course and the possibility of a Nederlands course for English speakers.

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