"In the desert, it is hot."

Translation:Dans le désert, il fait chaud.

January 16, 2013

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What's wrong with "Au désert"??


To the desert? At the desert?

Of course, these prepositions do NOT even come close to translating directly. I took a stab with "dans" and was correct, but you just have to learn the contexts in which you use each. I would say, "I live in Québec," but it is not "dans," but instead, "J'habite au Québec."


Why is "c'est chaud" incorrect for the "it is hot" part - they say that "il fait chaud" is the right answer. What am I missing?


French idiom. They don't say "it is hot", instead they say "it makes hot".


However, talking about objects, and not the weather, you say c'est chaud.


If fait chaud dans le désert - why did the green owl not like it?


A lot of times the owl frowns on changing the order of a sentence. Best to play it safe and keep it close to the original.


Made the same mistake. I felt the sentence order was weird in French.


Can anyone help me plz I put " au" instead of dans le Why it's incorrect Thanks


Au desert should be acceptable to if you go by the following.

At https://www.duolingo.com/skill/fr/Places

Use à and its contractions for unspecific or vague locations.

<pre>On vit à la campagne. — We live in the country. C'est dangereux à la frontière. — It's dangerous at the frontier. </pre>


do we have to have the comma in French?


What's the difference between dans le désert, il fait chaud and Il fait chaud dans le désert? The order of factors doesn't alter the product, isn't it?

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