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  5. "Dw i'n un deg un oed."

"Dw i'n un deg un oed."

Translation:I'm eleven years old.

February 11, 2016



yn/'n as in 'in a state of being'.

  • Dw i'n dal - I am (in a state of being) tall;
  • Dw i'n ugain oed - I am 20 years old
  • Dw i'n wyrdd - I am green
  • Dw i'n hwyr - I am late.

yn/'n causes weak soft mutation in this kind of usage (that is, no mutation of ll or rh).


Why do you use "i'n" instead of just "i"?


Would " dw i yn" be correct as well?


Dw i'n ... is the usual pattern. You might say Dw i yn... in order to emphasise it perhaps, but not otherwise.


using dwi'n is the welsh equivalent of i'm its a more common way of saying i am


I am eleven years of age should be acceptable as a translation.

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