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Suggestion: Offical Location to Submit New Ideas

[deactivated user]

    If anybody is a fan of Khan Academy (another site focusing on free education--check it out if you haven't already, it's great), you know that they have a forums section devoted only to new ideas and suggestions. I recommend that Duolingo adopts a similar system for a couple of reasons.

    1. Organization. There will be less of suggestion threads in the general section and more threads on the website in general.
    2. More people will see them--including the staff. Instead of digging through the general forums looking for a suggestion thread, staff and users can find suggestion forums faster and easier.
    3. Motivation. If people can post somewhere that they know will be seen by others, they will be more motivated to post and improve the website.
    December 24, 2013



    I like the idea. Right now, forum is fine for active users who spend a lot of time monitoring new threads (like me :D), but it is too easy for the stuff to overlook a great idea. After all, they have more important things to do than to read every topic that is created here. A dedicated discussion section would make it easier to filter out the suggestions.


    A heart for you to add up to all the rest you've got

    The russian oligarchy with all their Lingots

    Correct it is a brilliant idea


    This is exactly what I proposed a few days ago. Which only proves our point.


    In another community I frequent they have a suggestion section where the users themselves can vote on the ideas (they use AnswerHub). So it's also a good gauge for the staff to know what the users want the most for the moment.

    The way they do it is that each user only has 10 votes to spend. You can spend more than 1 vote on an idea, if you really, really want it. When an idea that they voted on gets implemented, they get their votes back to spend elsewhere. This helps to minimize spamming of votes, and make each voter think twice on what they really deem to be a useful idea, since they certainly can't vote on everything.


    I LOVE Khan Academy. I'm suppose to be retaking my SATs in a few months and that website did WONDERS in improving my math knowledge. I swear I learn or "rediscovered" aspects of math I never knew or "forgot" about LoL Nonetheless, they have advanced math courses that are exceptional. He teaches the courses sooo well. I wish he was my math teacher

    Anyway I agree when should have a section dedicated to idea suggestions to improve this site as if it isn't SUPERB already!

    [deactivated user]

      Feel free to leave feedback below. I hope you enjoy the idea!


      exact my thoughts

      some people just spam idea after idea after idea ,,,, filling the general discussion up with drivel,,,

      the sooner they sort it out the better

      Just got to give you some lingots so you can pay for a heart for the best idea out of the millions that others trotted out last week..

      all the best Jack

      [deactivated user]


        When I read the title I thought:"Isn't Discussion the site for new ideas." But of course now I realize what you mean and it's terrific. So, many good ideas get lost in the "crowd" of posts.


        I'll give you some lingots because you're very generous :)


        Me gusta tu idea (I like your idea)


        happy christmas

        lingots for a heart or two


        DuoLingo is supposed to be 'gamified' which got me thinking about the psychology of games, namely casino games designed to be (loosely speaking) 'addictive' like slot machines. Slot machines generally make a lot of show for winning but losing almost goes unnoticed. It gives the player less incentive to quit because losing is not disincentivized.

        Not that DuoLingo should be like a slot machine but perhaps giving more options on sounds might be helpful... then again if a small disappointing sound is a discouragement perhaps they should be here in the first place. For your consideration... or eye rolling. Whatever is best.


        It sounds like a great idea. It would make it easier to see great new ideas for improvements and new features that would otherwise get overlooked.


        I like that idea, this is the way it is on Ravelry.com (a community knitting/crochet site, highly recomended). -There is one section for suggestions and site updates. -one for general chatter about site relevant topics (on duolingo that would be where threads talking about the joy of being bilingual fits in) -and one for general online resources

        ravelry used to have one offical "off topic" forum, but that got shut down since it lead to too many controversies and drama.

        [deactivated user]

          I say make a suggestion box feature and let the users vote on it. Each week the most popular idea submitted is discussed in the forum with both staff and user. This suggestion box can be a separate forum or a whole other part of the website.


          I actually think this will mean less people will see them. The most popular section is the General Discussion by far.

          I would much prefer having all topics appear in the default view and having to specifically go to General Discussion to view only those posts.


          I think that there should be some kind of competition of different clubs of a language like top 5 persons from every club will compete at the end of the month so as to learn more about the language


          i think there should be a suggustion box to

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