"February is not my month."

Translation:Luty to nie mój miesiąc.

February 11, 2016

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This is a more general question about the negations on Duolingo: I learned that after every negation in Polish the negated object must be in Genitive. Why does Duolingo also show the Instrumentalis in connection with "być" and negation?


Only direct objects of transitive verbs change form from Accusative to Genitive in negations. "Być" is not a transitive verb and connects with nouns in Instrumental. After the negation the noun in Instrumental doesn't change form.


Not disputing the incorrectness of what I put (luty to nie jest mój miesiąc) but am seeking to have it explained to my (obviously dense) brain when it is more appropriate to use "to nie" and when it is better to use "to nie jest". (Hopefully in a way that doesn't involve me needing to know what different cases things are, because I am having a wretched time getting a solid grasp on that too blush)


Firstly, your answer isn't incorrect, it's definitely acceptable. Added now.

However, using just "X to Y" is a looot more common than saying "X to jest Y". I don't think there's anything else to it ;) I don't believe we teach "X to jest Y" anywhere in this course.


I confess to using the little drop down translation help on underlined words at times (probably more than I should need to given the lesson level I'm at) and that was one of the possibles it had.



I wrote that, but it says that my translation is wrong and the right one is "Luty nie jest moim miesiącem."


"I wrote that" = You wrote what? We don't have any data as to what a specific user has written.

"Luty nie jest moim miesiącem" is an accepted answer and "Luty to nie mój miesiąc" is the starred answer.


hi, I wrote "Luty to nie mój miesiąc", but it said that the answer is wrong.


Strange, must have been a bug.

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