"Mówię o tamtych zwierzętach."

Translation:I am speaking about those animals.

February 11, 2016

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The default English version of these sentences seems very awkward - "I am talking about..." is much more natural (at least it is accepted)


These is the plural form of this and those is the plural form of that and what you were taught is correct Maria, although i can understand why someone might want to avoid referring to a different group of people as "those people" as this can sound quite cold / isolating.


What is the word "these" in locative case? And what would the two words "This animal" as well as "that animal" in locative case?


"these" (animals) -> tych (zwierzętach)

this/that animal -> tym/tamtym zwierzęciu


Why do you use the locative here?


You always use Locative after "o" in sense "about" (concerning).



Polish kids know that locative is the o kim about whom case


Why can't I say, "I am speaking about these animals."


In different ways we describe how far are things we have : te, te tamte these, those, those

tamte are only those of "those" that are more distant. :) you always translate tamte to those.


But in English, you could still use these for something distant. I could be talking about North and South Korea and say, "These countries are like brothers, always fighting over the most trivial things." I could also say those instead. I think this is why to could be this or that. In English, there just isn't a strong distinction between the two.

But those can be a lot more.. Exclusive. Kind of like when someone says "you people". To me, "Those people sacrifice people" sounds different than "These people…"


"I am speaking of those animals" sounds antiquated to me. "I am speaking about those animals" would be more common and contemporary.


Oh, of course... I'm quite surprised that "of" was the default version here. Changed now.


I am speaking about these animals/ I am speaking about those animals. In English you would use these phrases interchangeably to mean the same thing. I don't care about the these/this & those/that difference it's just ridiculous - stop with the overzealous policing of English grammar here its getting really ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ tiring.


Polish "tamten" and English "this" are definitely not compatible.

For example: "W tamtym tygodniu" and "this week" doesn't refer to the same week.


Is the 'z' in zwierzentach supposed to be silent? I could not hear it here nor in many other exercises


Why 'I am telling' cannot be considered as 'mówię'?


I believe you need some indirect object (e.g. "I am telling them") to make it correct in English.

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