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  5. "Tamta nowa bluza"

"Tamta nowa bluza"

Translation:That new sweatshirt

February 11, 2016



Would, "That is a new shirt, not be accepted?"


It would be: "To nowa bluza" or "To jest nowa bluza".


Why "To nowa bluza" instead of "Ta nowa blusza"? I thought because "blusza" is female, then the rest of the words in the sentence would have to be female equivalent?


"To (jest)" means in Polish "This/That is". It's always "to" regardless gender of a noun and "jest" is optional.

For plural nouns you should use "To (są)" (These/Those are). Here "są" is optional too.

And after "To jest/są" you should use a noun in Nominative.

BTW, it is "bluza" not "blusza".


In your example, to is like the noun "this," not the noun determiner "this." The former is saying This is a blouse. The word "this" is the noun itself, in the English translation, so there's no case to match. The latter's case has to match the noun that it determines, ta bluza, this blouse.


It accepts blouse but says it should be sweatshirt. A sweatshirt is very different to a blouse?


"that new hoodie" isn't accepted


Added "hoodie".


In this series of exercises, "bluza" is translated as both sweatshirt and hoodie. These are not the same concept in English but are both "bluza" in Polish?


Well, a hoodie is most likely a type of sweatshirt, although there are some long-sleeve shirt hoodies and tee-shirt hoodies.


"bluza" is an umbrella term for most things that are worn over a shirt (but under a coat, if it's cold).


"That new blouse" has been marked as incorrect (Apr 2019). Has something changed?


Do a google image search for both bluza and blouse and you will see that they are in fact very different.


Yes, I can see that (although some sites still refer to blouse, eg https://en.m.wiktionary.org/wiki/bluza), but the question was whether the definition has changed. I learnt 'bluza' on duolingo, and I'm fairly certain 'blouse' was previously accepted


Maybe a long time ago... I believe the decision to reject it is rather old.

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