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  5. "This is his homework."

"This is his homework."

Translation:Bu onun ödevi.

February 11, 2016



Do I need onun here?


Yes, absolutely.


Without "onun", the meaning would be like "this homework". So, yes, you need it :)


Actually you don't.

For example, if the two of us are already talking about a certain third person that I describe is very stressed about their homework, then point to a piece paper and say "bu ödevi", you would understand that I'm showing their homework.

Another example could be that I am teaching a certain topic in classroom, express that they need to study it thoroughly and write a question on the board; it would be fitting for me to say "bu ödevi" (of the topic).


Wondering same thing...why not possessive case for ödev?


it is the possessive case.

  • benim ödevim
  • senin ödevin
  • onun ödevi
  • bizim ödevimiz
  • sizin ödeviniz
  • onların ödevi/onların ödevleri

"ödevisi" makes no sense. you need the buffer s only if the word ends with a vowel.

  • benim çantam
  • senin çantan
  • onun çantası
  • bizim çantamız
  • sizin çantanız
  • onların çantası/onların çantaları


Why is it not 'odevini'?


There is no reason to add the accusative case there as there is no verb that requires it.

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