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  5. "Ar ôl dechrau gweithio"

"Ar ôl dechrau gweithio"

Translation:After starting to work

February 11, 2016



"Dechrau" means to begin or start, so shouldn't this also accept, "After beginning to work."? It told me I was wrong.


Although it doesn't sound natural to me, I don't see anything wrong grammatically...


FYI the use of "to" is not needed and you'll be marked correct in a translation of "Ar ôl dechrau gweithio". English translation is: "After starting work. "


Ohh I was wondering this! I thought you might have to say "ar ôl dechrau (y) gwaith"... (y gwaith being your routine job)


Well, "gweithio" is a verb, "work" as in "I'm starting work" is a noun. It's like translating "Ar ôl dechrau bwyta" as "After starting eat." Just a small mistake in the English sentence, I think.


Thing is, we don't usually say "start to work" in English. The normal colloquial form is "start work". It doesn't matter whether it's a noun or a verb. "Start eat" doesn't exist.


You are correct, so I up voted to remove the down vote.

Mwsogl's translation could be right too, but any construction that has a noun in it is wrong, so CF and MP are wrong, since the subject of the sentence isn't the work, but who/whatever comes next.

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