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Background grammar at Duolingo - where to find it?

Hey Duolinguas,

Someone once send me a link with additional grammar that was part of a polish lesson. It was a part of Duolingo: some extra grammar that helped with a particular lesson. Does anybody know where I can find this kind of information? I'm now at a particular Polish lesson and I could do with some comprehensible grammar support about what they are trying to teach me in this class ;)

Thanks in advance,


February 11, 2016



somebody made a new comment with a good link https://www.duolingo.com/comment/13558631


https://www.duolingo.com/comment/13262257 might be the one. There are lists of sources in the most popular conversations. Check them out


I'm not sure if you mean the "Tips and notes" or some other supplemental learning resources outside Duolingo.

In case you do mean "Tips and notes" this is found on the page for each skill, before you select the individual lesson. For example when you select Basics you should see a page with three lessons and below that some tips and notes. The trick is that you don't see these on the app versions, only on the web. So even on your phone it is worthwhile having a quick look at the web version to see if there is anything useful you might be missing out on.


Thanks guys, these are absolutely great. And yes, I thought that I saw some additional 'tips&notes' in the earlier lessons. Now I'm at level 9 it is indeed too much without any type of guidance or tables.

Do you have any idea when additional material will be posted for Polish? Are they working on it? Greets,


16-01-2016: Adjectives 1

Note: We are currently busy with our exams, so any further work on the Tips Notes is probably going to be postponed. Be sure to check back in late February :)


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