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Polish 'cedilla' under letter a

Has anyone else found that the cedilla accent under the letter a is consistently missing, in the options for writing words, in the ipad version of duolingo Polish?

February 11, 2016


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In iOS, using an English keyboard, Ę is available if you hold down the E key, but Ą is not. Is that what you mean? The simplest way to make it work is to add the Polish keyboard to your device. It takes less than a minute and will automatically selected by Duolingo when using the iOS app and entering Polish text.


Thank you! Will try that but just wondering why every other accent is available in iOS except the 'ogonek under the a.

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You'd need to ask Apple.


Sorry, I was referring to the options available in the iOS version of duolingo at the time that I made the original query. Your advice to add the Polish keyboard in settings definitely did the trick.

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Apple controls the keyboard, it is part of the operating system. Duolingo can't really change that. As to why Apple chose to exclude ą but include ę on the English keyboard mapping, I don't know. I'm guessing the latter appears in more European languages?


Just for your information: it's called ogonek, even in English. The main differences between ogonek and cedilla:

  • ogonek curls to the right, cedilla curls to the left

  • ogonek is always attached to vowels, cedilla usually to consontants

  • ogonek (at least in Polish and Lithuanian) is attached more to the right, cedilla is in the middle

  • ogonek is attached directly (a single curved stroke), cedilla sometimes has an extra stem connecting it to the letter

ogonek: Ą Ę Į Ų

cedilla: Ç Ş


absolutely told

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