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"El invierno es una temporada."

Translation:Winter is a season.

February 11, 2016



In a previous question, it was explained in the comments section that estation and temporada are not interchangeable. The commentator helpfully explained that estation is used for the seasons of the year while temporada is appropriate for other kinds of seasons (like tv shows, fishing, etc.). Here DL uses tmporada to describe one of the four seasons. Is DL incorrect?


I think duolingo is not using the formal usage but a native mentioned people are starting to use "temporada" in the same way as "estacion". So maybe with context it is no big deal. I hate how they are exposing us beginners to this confusion though.


Yes, the context is a big deal. If you say in spanish "esta es la temporada de invierno", nobody will understand what you are saying, this is not a correct answer ans leads you to a confusion. When someone teaches a lenguaje, must avoid metaphorical phases because of this kind of confusions. But it's Doulingo, what else can you ask?


Creo que Duolingo no está correcto.


Hey. I was thinking the same thing. I just read that same discussion. I think maybe they were just trying to get used to the word? :/


Where I live, yes, it sounds awful. I can't generalize, maybe in Latin America this is common, but not in Spain.


Is the V in "invierno" supposed to to sound like a "p"?


V in spanish is pronounced more like a B maybe a P if you aren't used to it


I wrote "The winter's a season" and it told me I should'vr written "The winter is a season"... Contractions.


One question before I was told estacion and temporada aren't interchangeable, but here it looks like DL did interchange them? help please


(gasp of surprise) Winter's a season?!


temporada or estacion ?


Estación - One of the four seasons (Winter, Spring, Autumn, Summer)

Temporada - Fishing season, football season, and so on

It's what I've heard, anyway.


You are welcome. :)


Why do they put "El" at the beginning if you don't use it?


Sometimes Spanish will use the article when referring to something in general rather than a particular instance of it. "El hielo es agua sólida." English does this sometimes: "The blue whale is the largest mammal on Earth."


"winter is a season" nah really einstein


I saw "temporada" as temporary

so I was just thinking, Winter is temporary. okkay.

I got it wrong ;-;

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