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Is the course dialect Southern or Northern?

Hello to all the wonderful Welsh learners and speakers! (by now, our learners should be making decent progress on speaking ;) )

I've studied a bit of Welsh in the past, namely a rounded Northern dialect. I haven't made much progress so far, but I am already noticing differences in pronunciation to what I am used to... Now, this could be that it's a universally-rounded Welsh dialect we're being taught, or maybe certain words are pronounced without a prior designation as to whether it should be pronounced in a Northern or Southern fashion.

Is there any particular dialect that was used to develop the course? If I am not mistaken, there is a Dialects section further into the course, and I am excited to know what's to be taught in there.

I also have to make a comment, that the course so far is nicely laid out, and it's wonderful to use so far! Thanks!

February 11, 2016



I believe the course teaches both but not sure to what degree.


Gwyneth's synthetic accent is a neutral one, although with a very few oddities probably due to the limitations of her software. The Dialects section seems to give a few examples of words which can change between dialects, but it only really scratches the surface. On the other hand a course like this is not really designed to go into any depth in any of the 5 or more main dialects in Wales, it just needs to make learners aware that things can and do change depending on who you are listening to.

If you go for a drink in the Mochyn Du in Cardiff, near Sophia Gardens, you will hear people chatting away in dialects and accents from all over Wales. Similarly if you listen to Radio Cymru or watch S4C.

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