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Use beta on android or IOS?

Hi, Is it possible to enable a beta version of a course (english for dutch speakers) on a mobile device?

December 24, 2013

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It will be available at some point in the somewhat near future. No word on the exact date, though.


The mobile version of this course will be released end of January. This won't be the beta version though, but the actual finished product. For as far as I know, beta testing won't be possible on your mobile. The beta testing group has to remain a manageable size and one way of ensuring that is by (unfortunately!) excluding the app users.


The German-English course is considered to be in beta but is also available via the app, but perhaps that's different because that was created by the Duo team.


So, there is a sort of hack workaround....

If you have Google Now along the android app, you should receive prompts continue learning the last language you learned. If it was a beta language in a browser it should be next lessons for that language.

Opening the lesson should work although it might warn about an unsupported language.

The issues I've seen are that the accented characters don't load, and the lesson plan seems to be missing. You can still complete lessons though. So I guess it is better than nothing.

I can confirm that this works with learn Esperanto with English, currently in beta.

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