"Did the population of the city decrease?"

Translation:Şehrin nüfusu azaldı mı?

February 11, 2016

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Why şehrin and not şehirin? Is it irregular or there is a rule?


irregular and there is no rule


There somewhat is... Arabic and Persian roots lose the last vowel when they take a suffix that starts with a vowel (in their original forms they hadn't). Though in general, yes, the things are a bit too random to be considered "rules".


Some words, such as şehir, lose the vowel before the final letter (or it is transferred to the end of the word) when they are part of a possessive construction. My city=benim şehrim; your city=şehrin; his/her city=şehri, etc. Sorry, I can't think of the other Turkish words like this, off the top of my head. Will add more if I do. As I recall, the words are from Arabic.

  • oğul = son // oğlum = my son
  • fikir = idea // fikrim = my idea
  • isim = name // ismim = my name

There are quite a few, actually. More examples HERE

This site doesn't mention Arabic origin, so thanks for pointing that out! I did recognize a couple, but it's nice to know there is a common theme to an otherwise arbitrary list! :-)


Good stuff -- thanks! Here's another:
nehir = river // nehrin rengi = the river's color; or
nehrim = my river


Why is this not azalttı


The hints only give 'azaltmak' Is this transitive?


Why is it azaldı and not azalttı?

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