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What happened to my account?!?! Help me please!!!

My Spanish was at level 11. My French was at level 10. I even learned a lesson this morning. But when I opened the site again, Pooooo, everything's gone?! 0 level, 0 point, 0 words learned, all that left is a tutorial screen. That means I have to start over? NO WAYYY!!! All that I've done within the past 8 months wasted. It's a nightmare!? I swear I haven't done anything in the settings. I didn't delete those 2 languages for sure!!! Help me please!!! X_X

December 24, 2013



According to our logs, you, or somebody with access to your account, reset your language progress.


Oh dear! So that means it's not a bug!? I'm trying hard to figure out who could access to my account and have done this to me!!! ( *`ω´) Anyway, is there any way to get my progress back please? PLEASE! S'IL VOUS PLAÎT ! ¡¡¡POR FAVOR!!! I don't want to start over! I don't want to quit Duolingo either. :(((


Unfortunately there is no way to get it back. I recommend trying to test out.


We'll take a look.


Thank you for your time! :D


What has happened to my account, I had 50% fluency and a 70+ day streak and it has all disappeared why???


The same thing happened to me today. So aggravating after a year of building up.


All sorted now thank you very much.


Have you tried logging out and back in again?


Yes... I've tried thousands of times. I've already logged in on every device I have, my laptop, my phone, even on my roommate's PC. Trouble remains.


That is really weird, report it to the staff i would say


Why am I not getting duolingo in my email anymore? I was on my 4th or 5th day, and was doing well.


my level in spanish was 51 percent i didn't have the computer for a few days and now i have nothing


I was on level 10, and now I've been sent back to basics. I don't have the patience to redo 9 months of work. How do I fix this?


Your "Italian level 10" is still visible in this comment and on your profile page https://www.duolingo.com/Mina657299 if you set your browser in "desktop mode"
Your next lesson is in skill "Adverbs" lesson number 4,


This is twice I’ve paid and lost it . It’s a scam

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