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A1/A2 Grammar Books & Exercises

Hi all.

I'm presently self-learning Polish A1 using the Krok po kroku course which is fantastic IMO, and I especially love that everything is taught through Polish. However, sometimes some grammar concepts aren't completely clear, while even in the accompanying workbook, there aren't an abundance of grammar exercises.

Thus, I was wondering if anyone knows of any A1/A2 level grammar books, exercise books, online exercises etc? Today I started using Gramatyka? Dlaczego nie?! which looks quite good, while it seems that Testuj Swój Polski: Gramatyka 1 is highly recommended.

Anyone have any tips? Dzięki :D

February 11, 2016



Not I hadn't seen these, thanks very much!


As a small update, I've been Using Gramatika? Dlaczego nie?! for the last week and I'm really enjoying it. A few cases and chapters in, I've feel it is a really good resource for practicing grammar.


3 months later, are you still finding the book worthwhile?


I got through most of the book in a month, and then for the last two months I've been really lazy and haven't been learning Polish :p I found it quite easy, but it really helped test and cement my A1 knowledge as it is completely in Polish with hundreds of exercises per topic. I haven't used Testuj Swój Polski yet, but from a quite flick through, it has English explanations and more concise exercises in practical topic.

I already speak Russian so a lot of grammar concepts follow similarly and I wanted an exercise heavy book. If one doesn't already know a slavic language, then Testuj Swój Polski is probably a better bet.

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