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  5. "Ele tenta ir."

"Ele tenta ir."

Translation:He tries to go.

February 11, 2016



why not accept it "he tries going"?


Try + gerund: usa-se no passado, pois precisamos tentar fazer algo para saber se vai dar ou não.

• I wanted to get into the house without my keys, so I tried climbing in the window. (Eu queria entrar na casa sem as chaves, então eu tentei escalar pela janela.)

• Bill wanted to talk to me, so he tried telephoning where I used to work. (Bill queria falar comigo, então ele tentou ligar onde eu trabalhava.)


but, in that same lesson in another sentence the DL accepted the sentence: "he tries going to the city"
Maybe I have not yet understood


I haven't heard "try + gerund" in the present tense. Read this discussion carefully. It is a site for native speakers to discuss grammar and syntax.



I am brazilian and I can not understand what she says, the pronunciation of the word "ir" is wrong.

I've reported it (February 11, 2016)


You can also add the URL: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/13555742 to this discussion: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/12883809 (the contest is over, but it will alert the moderator of the problem quickly).


Oh no, I deleted the comment by accident, I'm sorry. For those who are seeing this message, I said that the pronunciation of the word "ir" is wrong (February 11, 2016).

Thank you for the tip, Davu. I will report on the topic you sent me.


I enter the answer exactly right: He tries to go. But it still marks it as wrong. This keeps happening with this kind of exercise

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