"Nie widzę naszych kobiet."

Translation:I do not see our women.

February 12, 2016

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I'm like a dying man in the desert waiting for the Tips and Notes, but until then, here's an awesome chart of case endings made by another user. I have it bookmarked right next to Duolingo itself, since learning this language without it would be like brushing my teeth with sandpaper.



Thank you for this, it will be very useful. I've found the website this was taken from. It's really worth looking at. There is a good explanation of the 7 Polish cases. Plus a lot more useful information and instruction about Polish Grammar, including PDF's of this and present tense Verbs.



Thank you guys so much for sharing these! I feel the same way about the lack of Tips and Notes. I'll add your link to another post someone made on additional polish resources: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/16082051


Thank you very much all. Duolingo really need to include all of this. Seriously.


Theink sent me to a gambling site!


Now that just takes you on an ad redirect loop. :( Archive.org it is, then.


My personal favorite: http://aztekium.pl/przypadki.py?lang=en

It usually works for most words, names, and appropriate phrases. It is especially good for when you write messages in Polish and need to find the cases for Białystok, for example xD Białystok has a really weird locative case.


It's not so weird if you look that it is compound of two elements "Biały" + "stok".,


Does "our women" here refer to 'significant others' (girlfriends, wives etc) or just the females in your social group?


That won't be something that you will hear often, and if you will, then "our significant others" seems like the most probable option.

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I think more usually the phrase in English would be "... our ladies." 'Women' in this form could be considered disrespectful.

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