"Jaka jest twoja ocena?"

Translation:What is your assessment?

February 12, 2016

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I would argue that "ocena" includes "evaluation" as well as "grade".


Yes, I would also add "assessment."


In any case does this mean "grade"as in a mark on an assignment but not grade (US usage) as in year in school (first grade, second grade, etc.)?


Yes indeed, a mark.


'What are your grades?' is presumably wrong because it should be singular?


"How is your grade?"


Does this really mean the same as "What is your grade?" (with the answer "I got a C-")? The examples of usage our team found seem to mean "What do you think about your grade?".


Yes. But we changed the main interpretation of this sentence to "What is your assessment?" (what is your view, your opinion), because as a question about your grade, it sounds rather clunky. But if it was, then it's just a singular grade.


I'd say that "score" is also appropriate here. For instance, this usage is natural to me: "How did you score in the test?", "What's your score?" and "What score did you get?".


I'd say that "ocena" is on the 1-6 scale. The score you get on the test (for example 37/40 points) results in the grade you get (e.g. a "5" or in the American system an "A"). "score" is rather "wynik", although I'd just ask "Ile masz punktów?" (How many points do you have?).


To me, 'What is your assessment?' is the same as 'What is your opinion' but I'm guessing ocena doesn't hold both meanings in Polish? My son's school used 'assessment' to mean an exercise on which his grades would be based. I guess ocena doesn't have that meaning either?


"opinion" is accepted here and it's quite a natural translation. This sentence used to be translated into English as "What is your grade?" (what did you get on the maths test?), but we decided that "Jaka jest twoja ocena?" is a rather clunky way of asking that. But it works as an a bit formal way of asking for one's assessment, or opinion.


Thanks. I'm surprised at how often Polish phrases have the same connotations as English ones. It's quite encouraging!


What is your grade, not Assessment


Both interpretations work.

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