"To mój partner."

Translation:This is my partner.

February 12, 2016



Does this have the same meaning in English as someone you're in a serious romantic relationship with, but don't wish to specify the gender of?

February 12, 2016


No. It may mean a serious romantic relationship but you think boyfriend is inadequate. If the partner is female she is "partnerka". It can also mean business partner or dancing partner etc. But men. Only treat sb like a partner is for men and women

February 12, 2016


I think that in some contexts it could mean "partner" as a general term but rather not in romantic relationship.

February 12, 2016


Would you use this in a gay relationship to refer to your boyfriend?

June 6, 2017


Yeah, it's possible. You can also use it in a heterosexual relationship to refer to your boyfriend, although that sounds... formal? And then, it can be a businesspartner or someone like that.

June 7, 2017


I didn't expect this XD

December 15, 2016


This is my partner was not accepted, it called for , it is.

June 22, 2017


This is my partner was accepted the second time around. Glitch

June 22, 2017
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