"On nie ma poczucia winy."

Translation:He does not have a sense of guilt.

February 12, 2016

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There are a few words that are really similar in appearance and in meaning. Is my understanding of their differences correct?

"Czucie" - physical feeling (in one's legs, nose, etc...)

"Uczucie" - feeling, emotion

"Poczucie" - sense of guilt, duty, etc...

"Zmysł" - five senses (hearing, touch, sight, taste, smell)


At first glance, yes. you are right. If you want to know more I encourage you to use wsjp.pl or pwn.sjp.pl

Czucie is tricky.- All I can think is how someone lost "czucie" in legs. and A Mickiewicz's verse

> "Czucie i wiara silniej mówią do mnie niż mędrca szkiełko i oko"

It is drilled in my brain pretty hard, it means *feeling and faith speak to me stronger that wise man's glass and eye * but it's like 200 years old.

There are also "odczucie" and "przeczucie"


Yes, you are correct.


This is very very good...I screenshot your comment and will refer back to it


A "sense of guilt" is not a thing, do they mean conscience?


They mean "a feeling of guilt", really.


He does not feel guilt?


"On nie czuje winy".


My response, "he doesn't have a sense of fault", should be accepted.


That does not seem to work in English.


My response, "he doesn't have a guilt feeling", should be accepted.


One of our British teammates said that "a guilt feeling" does not work in English.


I think it should be - "He does not feel guilty".


But that means something different....

Not having "a sense of guilt" means that "he" never knows if he has done a bad thing, and therefore will never feel guilty as a result.

"not feel guilty" means that "he" has already done a bad thing, but doesn't feel guilty about this one thing.


After discussing it further, we decided that the Polish sentence actually can mean "He does not feel guilty" as well (even if it wasn't the intention of the sentence's author), therefore it will be now an accepted answer.

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